Air and Humidity, asthma, allergies and skin.

julio 20, 2021 0 Por admin

An eternal dispute exists between beliefs about humidity and its advantages for individuals with respiratory diseases, especially asthmatics. Dr. Raúl Corrales, bronchopulmonary at Clínica Alemana, clarifies that, in general terms, dry air is better than humid air for asthmatics, because higher ambient humidity can favor bronchial obstruction.

Humidity is also a favorable condition for the accumulation of fungi in houses and dust mites, which mercilessly settle in enclosed places. That is why people allergic to fungi and dust mites can only enter a house that has been without ventilation for a long time, after a thorough cleaning. On the other hand, the sea breeze helps to disperse the pollens, especially next to the beach itself, which is beneficial for those allergic to these substances. But, without a doubt, the most favored organ with moisture is the skin. The dehydration of which it is a habitual victim in the summer, can be partially compensated with an air rich in water.

Among other things, it is not that the sun is stronger on the beach, what happens is that you expose yourself more to it. That is why the effects of radiation on the skin are so evident on the coast. This causes from sun allergy to lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and skin cancer. But in some diseases where the immune system acts pathologically (vitiligo, skin allergies, psoriasis), certain controlled solar radiation can be beneficial

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