No place like Javea

septiembre 24, 2021 0 Por admin

Jávea is a town located in the north of the Costa Blanca, more specifically between two places, the capes of La Nau and Sant Antoni, that is, the Marina Alta of Alicante.

Its gastronomy, for people who eat well and who enjoy flavors, here you will find a varied gastronomy, however in it we will mainly find the presence of the sea offering a great diversity of shellfish, mollusks and fish, we are also struck by sea urchins. sea, which are traditionally eaten either with dry rice or with bread. You can also savor an exquisite dish such as «Cruet de Peix», grilled octopus or dishes such as «Suc Roig», the latter is mainly a fish stew with which you can savor different ingredients such as paprika or paprika. lady. For lovers living in Jávea is a pleasure.They will not be able to resist trying everything! Read more here.